Recording Release

Today, Out and Gone Music, a recording label and performance group based in Durham, NC, releases Curve. The album presents new music from musicians in central North Carolina, created during the pandemic. Find the album on Bandcamp.

On the album, I perform Steve Landis' wild, adrenaline-fueled piece, Curve. Steve's music captures the growing anxiety as the virus spread through the U.S., with the intention of the musical shape following the exponential growth of the infected population. Other performers on the album include bassists Vatel Cherry and David Menestres, guitarists Jason Bivins and James Gilmore, and saxophonist Laurent Estoppey. All proceeds from album sales will go to the Durham Artist's Relief Fund and GSO MutualAid to help those in the fine arts community who have faced economic hardships from closures and cancellations caused by COVID-19.