"Buena" - Morphine

So far I have featured the saxophone in jazz and classical settings; however, in the U.S.A., many people know of the saxophone as an instrument featured in rock and popular music styles. One prominant example is the band Morphine, from the 1990s. Here is a recording of their song "Buena." Morphine was a rock trio with saxophone (Dana Colley), bass (David Sandman), and drums (Jason Deupree). The trio's music blended aspects of jazz, blues, and rock, with singing by Sandman. By Sandman's death in 1999, the group had released five studio recordings and completed a number of tours. Colley performed on tenor and baritone saxophones. Due to the lack of a treble instrument, fans and critics began calling Morphine's music "low rock." Colley's sound and style combined guitar-like riffs with a sound reminiscent of R&B and rock saxophonists from the 60s and 70s such as Junior Walker, Clarence Clemmons. and Dick Parry.

Since Morphine broke up following Sandman's death, Colley has continued to play in other groups with a similar sound to Morphine, including Vapors of Morphine, he also makes appearances with numerous bands and singer-songwriters around the Boston area. In addition to his life as a musician, Colley is an accomplished visual artist. Find out more about Dana in this interview with the website Blues.GR