Balancing Music

One of the biggest challenges as a musician is maintaining a balanced life. Balance is vital to maintain happiness, and maintain success in the practice room and on stage. We have all experienced burnout, and weeks with no free time, but a little break will go a long way.

Talking with friends and considering my own habits, most of us have a major interest outside of music, and a few less time-consuming hobbies to provide a little respite. Over the past several years I have found that having a little time everyday without outside stimulus really makes me successful in the practice room. My mind needs a little bit of time to process the day. Sometimes I make myself turn off the radio in the car to have a little less noise, or eat dinner without sitting in front of the computer or tv. Less introverted people may find that they need to surround themselves with lots of people to give themselves some relief from the daily grind. Walks also help renew my focus. Usually anything that will get the mind away from music. Many musicians participate in some kind of athletics to add balance to their life. I love to bike. It’s one activity that I have a lot of passion for. For me, biking combines the benefits of exercise with some time to think and process. I have many friends who run for the same benefits.

In the end, balancing your life as a musician may take a little time and a lot of personal reflection, nonetheless it’s something we must all do. If you haven’t, hopefully now you will take some time to consider better balancing the demands in your life.