As a teacher, I seek to help my students discover their own love of music. My students build an appreciation for the breadth of musical styles that grace the world, past and present, through playing, listening, and discussion. My hope is that they learn to recognize the positive effects music can have on their lives as a listener, an audience member, and a performer.

I have been teaching private lessons since 2007. As a teacher, my goal is to help my students become better musicians and increase their appreciation and enjoyment of music. Students of all ages are welcome, including adults who wish to begin an instrument, or return to their instrument after a years-long break. The students in my studio range from age 6 to 69.If your child wishes to start saxophone, it's best to wait until 5th grade because of the instrument's size.

I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons at each student's home. Lesson topics include repertoire in classical, jazz, and popular styles, technique, music theory, and improvisation. Outside of traditional lessons, I am available for saxophone clinics, as well as coaching sessions in preparation for festivals or performances.

I always offer a free trial lesson.


1. No registration fee, thru May 31, 2019

2. Refer a friend, get a free lesson