As a teacher, I seek to help each student further develop their own love of music through the saxophone, clarinet, and piano, no matter their age. I strive to provide pupils all that is necessary for continual growth and success at their instrument with the belief that learning should be enjoyable and rewarding. My studio nurtures appreciation for the breadth of musical styles that grace the world, past and present, through playing, listening, and discussion. Contact me for a free meeting.


Private Lessons

I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute in-home lessons on saxophone, piano, and clarinet. Lessons consist of exercises to develop tone and technique,

as well as learning repertoire and developing musicality. Other skills and topics include improvisation, listening, and music theory.


Group Lessons 

I offer saxophone and clarinet group lessons for groups of three students, meeting weekly for 45 minutes.

Beyond providing instruction at a lower price, this format removes the stress some students feel in the private lesson,

adding comraderie while increasing the student's skills and musical enjoyment.

Find details in the Lesson Policies.



1. Waived registration fee, offer ends March 31st.

2. Refer a friend, get a free lesson upon the completion of their first month.



I have been teaching private lessons since 2007. As a teacher, my goal is to help my students become better musicians and increase their appreciation and enjoyment of music. Students of all ages are welcome, including adults who wish to begin an instrument, or return to their instrument after a years-long break. The students in my studio range from age 6* to -- (retired). It's never too late to begin! Many adult students find music lessons theraputic and love the addition of music-making to their lives.


*Each instrument has its own innate challenges so I recommend these ages for your child to begin:

Piano - 6 or 7 years old (20 minutes of focus)

Clarinet - 4th grade

Alto saxophone - 5th grade

If your K-4 child is interested in playing a woodwind instrument contact me about lessons on a Nuvo jSax or Clarineo. 

Do you need recommendations for buying a piano or saxophone and clarinet equipment?