Corona Community Composition Project

Premieres were on Saturday, May 2nd. Watch here.

As one of many musicians who had their performance schedule interrupted by the pandemic, I have initiated the Corona Community Composition Project. I have a passion for making music accesible and welcome anyone to write a saxophone work. No previous musical or composition experience required! This is for people of all ages. 

If you do not have as much musical experience consider submitting an original artwork with optional instructions for musical interpretation (I am happy to help with this), or create a graphic score. Below is a quicky sample score I made illustrating different symbols.

Graphic Score by Nicolas Lira

The details:

Influenced by the 6-feet rule (72 inches) social distancing concept, I ask you to write a work for saxophone (soprano, alto, or tenor) that is 72 seconds long. Fixed media may be included. A paragraph on your insight about the composition is also appreciated. All submissions will be performed.
You may write the composition in numerous ways:
- standard musical notation
- a set of rules, in prose (i.e. when to play, loud or soft, fast or slow, short or long notes, etc.)
- directions such as play a low C at 3 seconds and high F at 13 seconds, etc,
- draw a graphic score (see image) OR original artwork with guidance for interpretation


The deadline for submitting a work is 11:59PM on Monday, April 13th.

Submit the work as a PDF or high quality photograph via email to


I plan to livestream the performance at 7pm on Saturday, May 2nd. Watch here.