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Suite - Walter Hartley

Suite (1972) – Walter Hartley (b.1927)
Autograph Editions

Light and Shadow - Robert Starer

Light and Shadow (1977) – Robert Starer (1924-2001)
MCA Music

Line Drawings (after Mark Tobey) - Samuel Adler

Line Drawings (after Mark Tobey) (1978) – Samuel Adler (b. 1928)
Dorn Publications, published 1979

Samuel Adler and his family immigrated to the U.S.A. just before the start of WWII. He studied composition with Aaron Copland, Walter Piston, and Paul Hindemith. Adler studied conducting with Serge Koussevitzky. Adler's professional career included teaching positions at the University of North Texas, 30 years at Eastman School of Music, and time at Julliard. He wrote a large number of text books including the popular, The Study of Orchestration.

Variations (On several lines by Amy Clampitt) - Sidney Corbett

Variations (On several lines by Amy Clampitt) (1995) – Sidney Corbett (b. 1960)
Alto and baritone saxophone.
Berline Verlag Neue Musik, published 1996

Members of the Rascher Saxophone Quartet (RSQ) premier a handful of duos and trios. They do not limit their repertoire to only quartets. Variations (On several lines by Amy Clampitt) is composed for alto and baritone saxophone duo.

Saxophone Quartet - Charles Wuorinen

Saxophone Quartet (1992) – Charles Wuorinen (b. 1938)
C.F. Peters, published 1997

Concerto for Saxophone Quartet - Philip Glass

Concerto for Saxophone Quartet (1995) – Philip Glass (b.1937)
SATB and orchestra
Version for saxophone quartet alone, 1995
Chester Music, published 2003

Windup - Wayne Peterson

Windup (1997) – Wayne Peterson (b. 1927)
C.F. Peters, published 2010

Wayne Peterson studied composition at the University of Minnesota. He taught at San Francisco State for three decades. Through the course of his career he was a Guggenheim Fellow, a Fulbright Scholar, and received a commission from the Koussevitzky Foundation. In 1992 he won the Pulitzer Prize for The Face of the Night, The Heart of the Dark.

Mobius Loop - Mathew Rosenblum

Möbius Loop (2000) – Mathew Rosenblum (b.1954)
SATB and Orchestra
Version for saxophone quartet alone, 2001
C.F. Peters

Ashur Square - Rob Deemer

Ashur Square (2010) – Rob Deemer (b. 1970)

Rob Deemer teaches composition at SUNY – Fredonia and the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp. He has composed for all varieties of performance forces including music for theatre, dance, and film. He credits Dan Welcher, Donald Grantham, and Jan Bach as his primary teachers. He has written columns for the New York Times, New Music Box, and Sequenza 21/.

A Personal Technique Curriculum

Every musician wakes up in the morning and says, “I can’t wait to play my scales!”… If only it were that easy. Scales and their associated exercises often fill musicians with dread, yet they are essential to mastering the saxophone. One can always push for further development and refinement in technical mastery. A few musicians find this hopeless and depressing, but I look at technical development as an exciting challenge. The musician must find the drive from within to practice technical exercises and this is most easily accomplished by designing your own personal technical curriculum.


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